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Chef Derek Lankinen

Beefcakes Burger Factory is Thunder Bay’s newest burger shop in the heart of the Current River neighbourhood. Located adjacent to the Hodder Tavern and beside Strathcona Golf Course it is the last stop before many summer day trippers head out to adventure in the Northwestern Ontario outdoors on the shores of Lake Superior.

Beefcakes Burger Factory is the idea of Thunder Bays Top Chef 2013 Derek Lankinen. Concentrating on locally sourced ingredients, simple recipes, and using classical cooking techniques, Beefcake’s is providing the best burger on the popular Thunder Bay food scene. 

Skills amassed over Derek’s 20 year career have helped him build unique flavour combinations as well as incorporating classic toppings. It’s this personality and commitment to quality that had Derek winning the 2017 Reader Poll in the Walleye for Thunder Bays Best Head Chef. 

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Starting with locally coarse ground beef and searing at a temperature of over 400 degrees. Beefcakes burgers achieve the Maillard reaction; the characteristic crunch of the seared beef. 

Beefcakes is the best burger in the bay cooked and served by the best people surrounded by the very best complimentary local food products. 

Local partnerships are at the heart of Beefcakes. Our potatoes for our french fries are grown 30 minutes away at B+B Farms. Local entrepreneur Soup Mama has her popular retail brand available for purchase. Canada’s best condiment, Heartbeat Hot Sauce is also available.

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